Freedom and Independence=Democracy…Also Being a Grown Up!


My call is for the women magazine industry to take notice of what the reality for America is and the American society. Women are not one size, women are not able to afford thousands of dollars of clothes and beauty products, and women are making their cracks in the glass ceiling and those stories need to be told.

I WANT TO SEE REALITY, FREEDOM, AND INDEPENDENCE!!!! I want to see the truth! I want to be able to open a magazine and be interested in the stories of other people going through life and how they handle it. I want to see stories about the women I sit next to in class every day for an entire semester and have no clue what their life is about. I do not want to see this: Marie Clare Interns: A video exploring their first day and on the job work. It’s unreal.


But I get it all and why I will not see those stories. I won’t see those stories until women in my generation are in charge of the advertising companies and magazine companies.  I am proud to be a part of this generation of youth graduating this year. We are strong and determined. We will make a change and I know it in my heart.

But in regards to the issues at hand now, I don’t think we should have debt forgiveness.  I think we need a change in student loans and maybe change it for the students coming into college this fall 2012 or next fall 2013. I don’t believe in debt forgiveness because it’s unfair to students like me who made a CONSCIOUS decision to not get into debt. Look, I was offered Northeastern University. My dream school, my friends are in Boston right now as I write this living the city life I can only imagine. I didn’t attend because it would’ve cost me, not my parents, but ME over $80,000 in student loans. Instead I came to my “backup school” UMass Amherst. As I graduate this year it was the best decision all around for my education and wallet. Why do I get punished for being smart at 18 and not living outside my means? Will I be against it? No. But I think it’s just not fair.

I have worked an average 30 hours a week since I was 16. Throughout college I averaged even more hours on top of getting two degrees.  While I pride myself on this and my hard work to get the internships and make a powerful resume I know I will be part of the 47% of college graduates that will get a job. Even better, a job I will enjoy in radio or magazines. I think that the 53% of graduates who are not getting those jobs are the people who got their life handed to them. I appreciate my family so much more for allowing me to grow up at 18 and make life decisions on my own.

I personally don’t know what the future holds or what democracy really is. I think equality and freedom to live our lives no matter what race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference should get in the way. I think we need the reality back into our lives and not the crazy fake stories that are shown in the entertainment industry.


About jchambers12

Jackie is a junior at the University of Mass. Amherst. She is currently working towards her Journalism and Communications degrees. She is minoring in Woman Studies.Her plans for the future are to become a magazine writer for either People, Cosmo, or Vanity Fair. In her spare time Jackie enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching television, and traveling.

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