As a fan of the magazine industry I am going to explore the topic of why women interest magazines fail to discuss the “real and hard issues” in American society that is not “How To Look Great For Your Friday Night Date” or “Top Ten Products To Make You Beautiful.”

The Headlines Say It All

As a future journalist and writer I have always been passionate about breaking into this tight knit magazine community for my career. While I subscribe to many of these magazines I will analyze I want to look more in-depth into the industry and why there is a failure to acknowledge the stories that matter to women such as success, career tips, and tips to avoid a disaster such as sexual assault which is still rampant on college campuses.

I hope to make this project and analysis different than other communication outlooks on the magazine industry. While advertising plays a very vital role in the representations of women and the story lines in the glossy pages I hope to look more into the question of WHY? Why does content that is given in different ways in every issue so popular and feeding into this multi million dollar industry. I want to focus on the industry its self and not the advertisers. They get enough attention as it is.


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